Welcome to Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles, the new standard in 100% electric specialty vehicles.

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles is creating the new, environmentally green standard for police, military, security, maintenance, landscaping, and off-road commercial users. Each vehicle is designed with the latest technology and the most advanced energy management and electric propulsion systems. XGEV vehicles have the power and ability of vehicles with internal combustion engines, without the pollution, noise, heat or carbon footprint.

Our vehicles are designed to help you longer, with less maintenance, lower cost, and with a reduced strain on the environment. With XGEV as part of your fleet, you will be better equipped to protect the communities that we all know and love. No matter your needs, we have a vehicle specifically designed to assist your team in all areas.


To connect with like-minded business and companies who are looking for environmentally green products. XGEV represents the gold standard of environmentally green products.

Xtreme Green


XGEV vehicles are more powerful, more maneuverable, require less maintenance and cheaper to run than gas and diesel vehicles. All of our vehicles have the latest technology and battery systems to ensure the longest battery life, power and range of any vehicles in their class. GUARANTEED.

Xtreme Green Electric Motor


XGEV’s are 100% electric ATVs, UTVs, and Police Mobility Vehicles. Each vehicle is compact, maneuverable and comfortable with heavy-duty suspension components and shock absorbers. XGEV vehicles offer an array of options and accessories to create the custom vehicle to meet your business needs.

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles factory


XGEV vehicles are designed with proprietary battery management systems and electric propulsion systems. Our vehicles are 100% electric-powered and have the power and ability of gasoline engines, without the particulate pollution or noise pollution and no carbon footprint. The gold standard of environmentally green products, XGEVs are proudly made in the USA.


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