The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update

The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update is a quarterly round-up of all the important news related to personal electric vehicles. Get your industry news fix and see the trends in this handy round-up.


More States Supporting Electric

More and more states are supporting the use of electric vehicles through policy, whether through policy, infrastructure, or monetary breaks. Massachusetts is set to receive $75 million dollars from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund and plan to use it “to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and invest the balance of the funds in fully-electric transit and school buses.” The plan is to have more charging stations to encourage more cars on the road. New Jersey is also looking to get more electric vehicles on the road, with big goals they hope to meet mostly by updating their charging infrastructure. And California “proposed a $2.5 billion initiative that will bring 250,000 vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations to the state by 2025.” Read the full stories here, here, and here.


Increase in Range

There is something called “range anxiety” among electric vehicle owners. It’s the fear that they won’t be able to get where they need to go on a charge and/or that there won’t be enough places to charge (which is why so many states and countries are trying to increase their charging stations). There are new developments in batteries to also add mileage to each charge and “The Department of Energy reports that the median EV range in the US has risen from 73 miles to 114 miles since 2011 (with a top range now exceeding 330 miles).” Read the full story here.


The Rise of Alternative Electric Vehicles

There are much more kinds of electric vehicles out there except for cars (which, of course, we know here at Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle!). Attitudes are changing for personal electric vehicle use as they “afford Baby Boomers easy access to bicycle trails, trips, and tours. At the same, these vehicles also attract Millennials who are using them for commuting and social enjoyment.” Additionally, electric buses are the latest electric vehicle push with “the total number of electric buses servicing the public will more than triple by 2025,” with China dominating those numbers. Read the full stories here and here.

We’re Hiring!

That’s right! As we revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, it means we’re growing and hiring! If you’re passionate about USA-made, efficient and clean electric vehicles and have the skills, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles is the place for you! Our factory is located in North Las Vegas, Nevada and we offer a very competitive benefits package.

Much more though, we pride ourselves on our family-like atmosphere, which we continue to maintain as we get bigger and bigger. Our employees enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, mutual respect, and energetic work.

We’re hiring both electric vehicle assemblers and metal fabricators. Please read the descriptions below and if you or someone you know is interested and fits the qualifications, please send resumes to


Electric Vehicle Assembly 

XGEV is looking for energetic team members to add to their fast-paced assembly lines.

MUST have experience and be proficient in the step-by-step processes of:

  • Drive Train Assembly: transmissions, differentials, and brake systems
  • Mounting and Installing of vehicle electrical components: wire harness, and battery packs

Familiarity with UTV, ATV or Motorcycles a plus.

MUST be able to Follow Directions and outlined Procedures and Directives, and conform to all OSHA and safety regulations.

Standard Metric Tools REQUIRED.

This is a full-time position and great opportunity for the right person for a long-term career with benefits. Compensation based on experience.


Metal Fabricator 

XGEV has immediate openings for metal fabricators.

Duties include:

  • Fabricating steel chassis
  • Cut and fit square and round tubing
  • Weld using fixtures
  • Welding/fabricating Machines operation

Skills required:

  • Intermediate knowledge of fabricating processes and equipment.
  • Understand reading of blueprints and measuring equipment.
  • Safely operate: Power saws, Drills, Grinders, Tube Bender, Sheet Metal Shear and Brake, Fork Lift.
  • Safe lifting and moving of tubing and sheet metal required.

Experience Preferred. Must have your own tools, clamps, squares, grinders, etc.

Ability to measure accurately, strong work ethic and punctuality a MUST, along with positive and “can-do” team-player attitude.

Self-starter with an eye for detail and the ability to listen, learn, and follow instructions and procedures.

This is a full-time position and great opportunity for the right person for a long-term career with benefits. Compensation based on experience.


Electric Vehicles Usher in the Future of Agriculture

Did you know that the industrial and commercial electric vehicles account for 60% of the electric vehicle market? A big chunk of that is due to advancements in farming and agriculture. The need for increases in efficiency and productivity in this industry is why so many farmers are turning to electric vehicles for help. Welcome to the future of agriculture, led by the use of electric vehicles.

Not only do electric vehicles help with the actual work, but the efficiency in operating costs end up saving more money than want it would cost to operate gas-powered vehicles. For example, the Xtreme Green XForce Pro, which is a great vehicle for agriculture, takes $10 to run for every $1,000 you would spend on gas. With the rising cost of farm labor, an electric vehicle can go a long way.

The XForce Pro is great for customization, too. It’s a great option if you need a dump bed to haul around equipment, tools, hay, plants, or whatever you need to run a farm. The 7’ dump bed version comes with a built-in electric hydraulic lift and removable sides to use as a flatbed. Alternatively, it can come with up to six seats to get workers to more remote parts of the farm. And it works as long as the farming day, lasting 50-80 miles on one charge, depending on the terrain. And speaking of terrain, the XForce can handle even the toughest grounds. And with zero emissions and the quietest electric vehicle on the market, you won’t worry about contaminating crops or creating noise and scaring animals or disturbing anyone.

Electric vehicles have come to revolutionize agriculture. They make financial and efficient sense and are strong and practical. It’s time agriculture became a completely carbon-free business to continue to nourish us, and our planet.

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All Your FAQ

Over the past year, we’ve been answering all your FAQ here on our blog. From general questions about personal electric vehicles, to more specific questions all about Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles, whatever you ever wanted to know, we answered. Did you miss one? Here’s a round-up of links from all our FAQ. Still have questions? Let us know over on our Facebook Page or Twitter (@XtremeGreenEV) and we’ll answer it in an upcoming blog post (or just get back to your right away).

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle FAQ

The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update

Learn all the latest news important to the electric specialty vehicle industry, such as ATVs, UTVs, and PMVs, in this quarterly round-up.


Are gas-powered vehicles going away?

Several of the world’s largest countries are setting a timetable for when they will no longer sell gas-powered cars. China, France, U.K, Norway, and India have all set deadlines for selling the last gas-powered vehicle on their soil by 2040. Even the ones not outrightly banning vehicles are setting higher goals for selling electric vehicles. The U.S. sales of electric vehicles are growing 40% year over year. Toyota just announced it’s going to sell 10 electric vehicle models by 2020 and aims to sell 5.5 million electric vehicles a year by 2030. What will oil companies will do? Read the full story here and here.


Will the U.S. keep the electric vehicle tax incentive?

Last Wednesday, 50 companies “signed a letter urging Congress to keep a tax credit that boosts U.S. job creation and EV leadership.” While the GOP tax bill has yet to be announced, Reuters reports that “several sources revealed that the final version of the GOP tax bill will preserve a $7,500 electric vehicle (EV) tax credit that was once at risk of being removed.” Proponents of the tax credit argue that it is important to keep the incentive as the EV industry includes 215,000 jobs (and more to come) and stops air pollution and the U.S. can’t afford to fall behind in this growing industry. Read the full story here.


Are electric vehicles responsible for the jump in cobalt sales?

You bet. This crucial element to the lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles topped the commodities market. “The price of cobalt surged 120%, while the Bloomberg commodity index fell 4%.” According to Bloomberg, the market was $4 billion last year and doubled to $8 billion this year. And that demand is only going, some say six or seven times the current amount by 2026. Read the full story here.

Little Cities: Transportation and Management of Business Campuses

We live in a new age of business. Technology companies, movie studios, and other big companies operate like little cities. They have cafeterias or more often a few options for places to eat, gyms or even basketball and tennis courts and pools, daycare, and many more buildings for their hundreds or even thousands of employees to work, along with other rooms for classes, meditation, napping, you name it. With so much ground to cover and upkeep and security needed to ensure these campuses run smoothly, an Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle is the perfect solution to fulfill a hybrid of needs. And since our vehicles can go anywhere from 40-80 miles on just one charge and only take 1.5-3.5 hours to fully charge, everyone can use them when they need to. You’ll save on cost for gas, too as electric vehicles cost less $0.01 per mile and with 75% fewer parts, there’s virtually no maintenance so your teams can spend their time managing the property, not their vehicles.

A major concern of managing so much ground is security. An ATV is great if for some reason you need to handle tough terrain, or UTVs are good if you need to transport a lot of people, but probably the most effective vehicle for security to be able to patrol in this particular environment is the PMV. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the PMV can not only cruise on flat surfaces but jump curbs as high as 6 inches. There’s also still storage, so you can have a place for all your heavy equipment, enabling you to move faster—especially considering speeds go up to 29 MPH.

Another great use is for maintenance teams to keep these business campuses looking beautiful and running smoothly. XGEV UTVs are great for maintenance because they can be outfitted with flatbeds for hauling around tools or greenery. They also come with a few seats so teams can ride together to get the job done.

And if campuses are really big, using an XGEV to get around is a great option for people to hop on a vehicle and visit another department in another building. This can increase productivity, giving time back to employees where they would walk or be reluctant to go if they had to bike. And if your buildings are across the street from each other? No problem. The XForce UTVs can be built to be low-speed electric vehicles (LSEV) and can go on city streets and be registered in most states.

Tradeshow Tales: IACP in Philadelphia

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles are great for a variety of industries and uses to bring efficiency, power, and savings. One of our most popular buyers is law enforcement agencies because of the speed and capability of our vehicles to suit all their needs. Which is why we made an appearance at the premier law enforcement trade show, the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Senior VP of Sales Mike Healy tells us more about the show.

“IACP 2017 in Philadelphia proved successful for Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles. Over 170 qualified leads were obtained during the 3-day event. The show featured predominantly technology-driven law enforcement solutions. This proved positive for Xtreme Green as our vehicles garnered a large spotlight. Notably absent this year was T3 Motion and Segway.

T3 recently filed for bankruptcy protection and has temporarily closed its doors during reorganization. Many current users stopped by our booth as concerns for parts and customer support with their T3 machines have them considering the Sentinel.

Segway has readjusted its market focus and is concentrating on the consumer business. Marketing budgets for law enforcement and security have been allocated to ensure success in the consumer segment.

This bodes well for Xtreme Green as our Sentinel vehicles are already popular for law enforcement agencies and our prominence at the show should help us to see an increase in inquiries.

The UTV and ATV also had successful exposure as law enforcement use these vehicles, too. Not all law enforcement agencies have the same needs, but we have a vehicle for all of them.

Law enforcement entities on the East Coast were interested in the UTV as it offers protection during the seasons and the electric propulsion system enables departments to comply with new legislation that seems to be passing in most states mandating the use of electric vehicles.

Florida and the Southwest are hotbeds for the ATV. Law enforcement personnel visiting the show cited its command presence and low emissions as reasons for purchase. We cited our success in Tempe AZ., as a reference for interested purchasers.

IACP 2017 should translate in to 20 vehicle sales over the next 6 months. Home Depot, has already purchased two for a beta test. An effective team effort has translated in to a positive show!”

The 2018 Citadel ATV is Here!

We’ve been working hard over here at Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles and are excited to announce that it’s here: The 2018 Citadel ATV model! For this new model, we’ve made improvements on the ATV, including taking advantage of new technology for our most advanced ATV yet. Made in America, our all-new, heavy-duty chassis is manufactured in our Las Vegas Factory, making it one of our toughest vehicles. The 2018 Citadel ATV has all new electronics including, but not limited to, the motor, controller, Battery Management System (BMS), and instrument panel, which are all proprietary designs made in the United States.

New features of the 2018 Citadel ATV include a new instrument panel with more information including a second page that gives diagnostics for the vehicle. These diagnostics include cell levels, temperature, and software fault indicators. This model is available in both 72V and 96V systems and includes all new power steering on all models. Rear differential with locking ability provides for ease of driving both off road and on concrete or hard surfaces.

As with all our vehicles, the 110/220V charger is built in for easy charging whether you are off road and use a generator or with any electrical socket. The 2018 Citadel ATV is a great choice for the military, police, security, agriculture, and hunting, or whatever your needs.

Tradeshow Tales: ASIS 2017

Last month we attended ASIS 2017 in Dallas, the foremost security expo. We love attending ASIS because it’s really all about the innovations and technologies in the security industry and Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles has many buyers who use our vehicles for effective and efficient security.

The show was busy and active with over 100 people interested in our vehicles, looking to potentially purchase our electric PMVs, ATVs, and UTVs in the next year. Many people that came to talk to us here that have similar vehicles that they are looking to replace or have been in the market for vehicles and are interested in what XGEVs can do for them. Thinking back on ASIS 2016, we saw a lot more people this year interested in electric vehicles. We also noticed a shift this year among exhibitors with more equipment and supplements for guard companies and their clients. This puts Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles in a great position as so many attendees are interested in finding equipment like our vehicles that will give them powerful, cost-effective solutions to their security needs.

At the end of the day, we’re already seeing some sales close because of our appearance at the show, with more anticipated to follow soon. Some of our anticipated sales involve industry leaders in their respective vertical markets, with the hopes that they will purchase multiple vehicles for their fleet. The success of the show was thanks to an amazing, collective effort of the entire Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles staff. We’ll see you again next year!

Electric Farm Vehicle

Did you know that more than half of farmers report working 10-14 hours a day? They rise with the sun and the job is never done. And with 2.2 million farmers in America alone, that’s a lot of people working very hard! It also takes a lot of tools and equipment. So why not go electric and get an electric farm vehicle to help? The Xtreme Green Xforce Pro UTV specialty electric vehicle might be just what you need to supplement or even replace some of your equipment. It’s quieter so as not to disturb farm animals, won’t contaminate your crops with fumes or particles, and will even save you money—for every $1,000 you would spend in gas, you only spend $10 to run the Xforce Pro. More money for seeds!

So what can the Xforce do on the farm? A lot.

You can customize the vehicle to include a dump bed, making hauling around and dumping dirt or hay with ease. Ditch your handcart and use the Xforce to transport feed, building supplies, firewood, topsoil, plants, seed, fertilizer, tools—whatever! And with a hitch on the vehicle, you can add a trailer because the Xforce can haul up to a couple thousand pounds. Even just driving the Xforce around can help to til the soil.

Even just for transport, the Xforce is easy to navigate and can handle rough terrain with an independent suspension to give it a stronger, tighter turn to get from one end of your farm to the other, so you can survey crops, build and fix fences, or transport workers. And if you need to get to the farmer’s market to sell the fruits (and vegetables) of your hard work, the Xforce can be registered in most states to go on city streets.

With the savings in cost, eco-friendly, and USA-made, the Xforce is a great choice to help you with all your farming needs.