Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles

The needs of Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle customers are wide and varied. From police patrollers to construction workers, first responders to farmers, there is one of the things in common that everyone who uses our vehicles has…they have a job to do. Which means they need our vehicles to be able to handle heavy duty situations. Good thing our vehicles are able to do that. Our vehicles are powerful enough to:

  • Go over curbs as high as 6 inches (the PMV)
  • Last 60-80 miles on one charge
  • Can operate in extreme cold and heat
  • Superior suspension, heavy-duty braking system, and tough chassis.
  • Can come with a dump bed for hauling


And we already serve many industries, including:

  • Fire/EMS
  • Police
  • Security
  • Government patrol
  • Airports/Harbor ports
  • Farming
  • Parks
  • Construction
  • HOAs
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Any much more


Whatever the tough job (or even fun activity)  you need for your vehicle, XGEV can handle it!

The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update

The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update is a quarterly round-up of all the important news related to personal electric vehicles. Get your industry news fix and see the trends in this handy round-up.


Electric Vehicles Are Big Business

With electric vehicles on the rise, it’s no wonder that the business surrounding EVs are booming too—on the stock market. “Following its IPO this month, Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturer CATL became one of the highest-valued companies on the ChiNext stock exchange.” But how big is it expected to go? According to the International Energy Agency, “Electric vehicles will grow from 3 million to 125 million by 2030.” EVs already grew 54% in 2017. That’s a lot of business!

Read the full stories here and here.


Electric Vehicles Bring Even More Massive Benefits

Owners are already saving a ton of green—both in money and environmentally—when it comes to electric vehicles, but there are even more benefits coming up. In Ireland, electric vehicles drivers are getting a reduced rate for tolls. And when it comes to ride sharing, Uber “announced a yearlong pilot program to provide cash incentives to some drivers who use electric vehicles, or EVs, with the goal of facilitating at least 5 million trips over the next 12 months.” The benefits just keep coming!

Read the full stories here and here.


Electric Specialty Vehicle Transportation is All the Rage

You might have seen personal electric vehicles (PEVs) on the rise, especially if you live in a city, with more access to e-scooters and e-bikes. With the demand for more alternative transportation, it’s allowing people to move around their city in short distances more freely. Some of those companies are looking for even more alternatives, like Lime, launching two-seater specialty electric vehicles. There are even places looking to become all electric. “The Antelope Valley Transit Authority, which serves some 450,000 residents in parts of Los Angeles County, wants to be the first transit agency with an all-electric bus fleet.”

Read the full stories here, here, and here.  

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles and SCHEELS Partner to Offer High-Performance, Electric UTVs and ATVs for Off-Road and Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts

Springfield, Ill — Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles (XGEV), the premier manufacturer of 100 percent electric specialty vehicles, and SCHEELS have introduced high-performance utility-terrain and all-terrain electric vehicles to the Midwest marketplace. Named XFORCE PRO UTV and CITADEL PRO ATV, each electric specialty vehicle offers powerful utility and extreme versatility with four-wheel drive performance for terrain sports and hunting enthusiasts, and comfortable travel to a work site. Vehicles are sold exclusively at SCHEELS’ Springfield, Illinois, location.

“Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles is a leader in lithium battery powered ATVs and UTVs. These will be a great addition to our merchandise selection and experience we have for our customers,” said store leader SCHEELS-Springfield, Jason Mack. “They are an outstanding vehicle for hunting, agriculture, city parks and large venues. We are looking forward to giving our customers this exciting option for a recreational vehicle.”

The XFORCE PRO UTV and CITADEL ATV PRO give drivers the capability to maneuver quietly through the toughest roads, hills, and terrain. The gold standard of environmentally green, XGEVs have zero emissions, and yet, all the power and ability of gasoline engines, without the particulate or noise pollution and no carbon footprint.

“We are excited about this partnership with SCHEELS,” said XGEV President and COO, Neil S. Roth. “XGEVs are not only comfortable, dependable and electric, but they also make for a fun and adventurous drive. We are pleased to offer our unique customized electric vehicle options for SCHEELS customers.”


  • Extended range up to 60 miles on a standard battery charge.
  • Designed with the latest technology and the most advanced energy management and electric propulsion systems of any vehicle in its class.
  • Features include bench seats, 4″ more leg room, heavy duty 4-wheel independent suspension, 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive with lockout power steering.
  • Offers a full-color digital instrument panel, and a built-in 110-220 charger.
  • Three colors: black, green and camouflage.


  • Reaches speeds up to 40 mph.
  • Power steering.
  • Handles a climbing capacity of up to 30-degree grade.
  • Offers a full-color digital instrument panel, and a built-in 110-220 charger.
  • Three colors: black, green and camouflage.

For more information on the XFORCE PRO UTV and CITADEL ATV PRO, visit scheels.com/Springfield

Become an Xtreme Vehicle Distributor

As Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles continues to grow, we’re always looking for partners to join us as vehicle distributors. We’re sending vehicles all over the country and the world, but now is the time to become a distributor to gain exclusive ownership of your territory.

Our vehicles are already highly sought after because they:

  • Are innovative, green vehicles for a variety of needs and uses that save our customers money costing less than 1 cent per mile to ride
  • Use less than $20 of electricity for every $1,000 spent on similar gas-powered vehicles
  • Have 75% fewer parts than internal combustion engines, resulting in less maintenance cost
  • Are ATVs, UTVs, and PMVs that have both power and longevity
  • USA-made

XGEV vehicles allow you as a distributor up to a 22% gross margin. We give you a choice of vehicles you want to carry depending on your customer’s needs, while only needing up to 3-4 demo vehicles, saving you space. We even provide you with marketing and PR support and collateral straight from headquarters.

We know you are looking to serve the very best to your customers and we’re committed to that too. Our distributors are our true partners. Get in touch with us today to learn more and to become part of the XGEV family.

Trade Show Tales: ISC West Security Show

Last month we headed over to the ISC West Security Show, the largest US security event featuring the latest products, training, and networking. There were 30,000+ security professionals who attended or exhibited at this year’s event and Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles was there as an exhibitor, showcasing our vehicles and the latest advancements we’ve made to assist security professionals. XGEV offers physical security service providers vehicle alternatives to replace typical foot patrol coverage and the use of highway vehicles that are costly in both maintenance and fuel consumption. Many of the vehicles offered by XGEV also enable the patrol officers to navigate areas that standard automobiles are unable to access while being a more powerful alternative to bicycles. All of our vehicles can be upfitted to accommodate various security needs, too. With a show all about advancement and technology, it was the perfect place for XGEV.

With this growing and important industry, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles continues to develop and provide effective, efficient, and economical options for perimeter and campus security patrol needs. As global security needs continue to accelerate, the ability to provide improved physical patrol options is paramount to the efficiency and effectiveness of security providers.

XGEV Vice President Joseph Worrell was there to answer questions about XGEV and also learn about the latest technological advances in the security industry.

“I was interested to learn that economical options have been developed that provide the ability to globally track the location and movements of a single patrol vehicle using a small device installed on the vehicle and a smartphone app,” says Worrell. “There’s no need to purchase expensive software programs as in the past.”

At XGEV, we’re proud to be part of the technological advancement in the security industry. Hope to see you at the next ISC show!

The Xtreme Spotlight: IT Director Michael Polak

Michael Polak has over 15 years of experience in the IT Industry. He is skilled in a diverse array of enterprise software, hardware, systems implementation, architecture design, and IT management experience, with a proven talent for quickly acquiring expertise in new technologies. Michael started his career at a very early age and started his own IT company at the age of 20. He recently came from VMware where he worked with enterprise customers as a strategic trusted advisor. Michael has a proven record of leadership, reliability, and multiple achievements from dedication to his field. He brings a vast knowledge of IT to Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles and will provide the steps to a continued successful future for the company.


How long have you been at XGEV and how did you come to work here? 

I was an IT Consultant for XGEV since 2009. I have seen the incredible growth and the evolution of XGEV vehicles reaching new heights. XGEV recently hired me as the new IT Director and I promptly accepted since I already felt part of the XGEV family. Now, I’m looking forward to the next stage and taking our technology to new heights.


Why did you decide to come to XGEV?

Electric Vehicles have been gaining popularity and from a technology standpoint, has ongoing technological advancements. I wanted to be part of the evolving changes and look forward to contributing new ideas that will allow electric vehicles to go new places.


What do you like about living in Las Vegas?

Just like in IT, I love the constant change that Las Vegas brings. Also, where else can you get a great steak at 3 am?


What are you looking most forward to when it comes to XGEV in 2018?

2018 is an exciting time for our company. I am looking forward to moving into our new 125 thousand square foot factory. It’s also an exciting time for continued advancements in technology and applying those to our vehicles.


What’s your favorite place to have lunch near the factory?

We have a great Thai place, Siam Garden, close by with a secret spice level of 6-15. I usually go for 7.


What’s something your coworkers probably don’t know about you?

My coworkers do not know that I love to go fishing. I love taking a day or two and leaving all the tech I work with alone for short time.


What do you like about Xtreme Green vehicles? 

Simplicity is what I love about our vehicles. XGEV vehicles are easy to learn, charge, and even fix. With so many things becoming more complex, we have maintained a vehicle with all the features, yet simple for our customers.

The Great Electric Outdoors

Spring is just about here! As the temperatures start to rise and we’re itching to get outside and into the great outdoors, why not make some of your adventures electric?

An Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle can be used for work, whether police officers use them for patrolling or farmers use them for hauling, but they can also be used for a little fun. Take your electric vehicle through forests, out into fields, or along back road paths and be at ease, knowing your vehicle can handle it. The Citadel Pro ATV is the ultimate outdoor machine. It is powerful enough to handle tough terrains (with a climbing capacity of up to 30-degree grade) and can go up to 45 miles per hour and 40-60 miles on one charge.

The Citadel Pro ATV has even been known to be used for hunting. How? Because it’s incredibly quiet—10 dbs quieter than the average ATV. And it’s not only a great option to reduce noise pollution, but actual pollution—XGEV have zero admissions.

Can’t you just picture yourself, cruising along in your XGEV electric ATV, whipping down dirt roads and into fields and forests? Use your electric vehicle for both work AND play…or just play. We won’t tell.

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles Wins Spot on General Services Administration’s Elite List of Preferred Contractors

Las Vegas, Nevada — Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles (XGEV), one of the premier manufacturers of 100 percent electric specialty vehicles, announced that they have officially been granted GSA (Government Services Administration) approval with contract number GS-03F-093AA.

Since 2007, XGEV has been a leader in creating the environmentally green standard for police, military, security, maintenance, and landscaping and off-road commercial users. Each vehicle is designed with the latest technology and the most advanced energy management and electric propulsion systems. XGEV vehicles include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), police mobility vehicles (PMVs) and the premier three and six-seater X-Force PRO utility terrain vehicles (UTVs).

XGEVs are the brand of choice for corporations and government agencies looking for zero emission vehicles. XGEVs have all the power and ability of gasoline engines, without the particulate pollution or noise pollution and no carbon footprint. Notably, XGEV is the first company in the world to manufacture a full line of zero-emission lithium iron phosphate battery-powered vehicles.

Via the GSA program, states, local, regional and government agencies worldwide, will have the ability to acquire XGEV’s energy efficient vehicles that cost a fraction of what it costs to power gas and diesel-powered engines. Also, with almost 75 percent fewer parts, XGEV vehicles require dramatically less maintenance.

“When I look at our electric vehicles, I am extremely proud of the achievements we have made,” said XGEV Chief Operating Officer, Neil Roth. “The GSA program has solidified XGEV as a brand defined by reliable, efficient and sustainable products, and we feel privileged to be included in their list of exclusive service providers.”

The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update

The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update is a quarterly round-up of all the important news related to personal electric vehicles. Get your industry news fix and see the trends in this handy round-up.


More States Supporting Electric

More and more states are supporting the use of electric vehicles through policy, whether through policy, infrastructure, or monetary breaks. Massachusetts is set to receive $75 million dollars from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund and plan to use it “to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and invest the balance of the funds in fully-electric transit and school buses.” The plan is to have more charging stations to encourage more cars on the road. New Jersey is also looking to get more electric vehicles on the road, with big goals they hope to meet mostly by updating their charging infrastructure. And California “proposed a $2.5 billion initiative that will bring 250,000 vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations to the state by 2025.” Read the full stories here, here, and here.


Increase in Range

There is something called “range anxiety” among electric vehicle owners. It’s the fear that they won’t be able to get where they need to go on a charge and/or that there won’t be enough places to charge (which is why so many states and countries are trying to increase their charging stations). There are new developments in batteries to also add mileage to each charge and “The Department of Energy reports that the median EV range in the US has risen from 73 miles to 114 miles since 2011 (with a top range now exceeding 330 miles).” Read the full story here.


The Rise of Alternative Electric Vehicles

There are much more kinds of electric vehicles out there except for cars (which, of course, we know here at Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle!). Attitudes are changing for personal electric vehicle use as they “afford Baby Boomers easy access to bicycle trails, trips, and tours. At the same, these vehicles also attract Millennials who are using them for commuting and social enjoyment.” Additionally, electric buses are the latest electric vehicle push with “the total number of electric buses servicing the public will more than triple by 2025,” with China dominating those numbers. Read the full stories here and here.

We’re Hiring!

That’s right! As we revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, it means we’re growing and hiring! If you’re passionate about USA-made, efficient and clean electric vehicles and have the skills, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles is the place for you! Our factory is located in North Las Vegas, Nevada and we offer a very competitive benefits package.

Much more though, we pride ourselves on our family-like atmosphere, which we continue to maintain as we get bigger and bigger. Our employees enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, mutual respect, and energetic work.

We’re hiring both electric vehicle assemblers and metal fabricators. Please read the descriptions below and if you or someone you know is interested and fits the qualifications, please send resumes to larry@xgev.com.


Electric Vehicle Assembly 

XGEV is looking for energetic team members to add to their fast-paced assembly lines.

MUST have experience and be proficient in the step-by-step processes of:

  • Drive Train Assembly: transmissions, differentials, and brake systems
  • Mounting and Installing of vehicle electrical components: wire harness, and battery packs

Familiarity with UTV, ATV or Motorcycles a plus.

MUST be able to Follow Directions and outlined Procedures and Directives, and conform to all OSHA and safety regulations.

Standard Metric Tools REQUIRED.

This is a full-time position and great opportunity for the right person for a long-term career with benefits. Compensation based on experience.


Metal Fabricator 

XGEV has immediate openings for metal fabricators.

Duties include:

  • Fabricating steel chassis
  • Cut and fit square and round tubing
  • Weld using fixtures
  • Welding/fabricating Machines operation

Skills required:

  • Intermediate knowledge of fabricating processes and equipment.
  • Understand reading of blueprints and measuring equipment.
  • Safely operate: Power saws, Drills, Grinders, Tube Bender, Sheet Metal Shear and Brake, Fork Lift.
  • Safe lifting and moving of tubing and sheet metal required.

Experience Preferred. Must have your own tools, clamps, squares, grinders, etc.

Ability to measure accurately, strong work ethic and punctuality a MUST, along with positive and “can-do” team-player attitude.

Self-starter with an eye for detail and the ability to listen, learn, and follow instructions and procedures.

This is a full-time position and great opportunity for the right person for a long-term career with benefits. Compensation based on experience.