Electric Farm Vehicle

Did you know that more than half of farmers report working 10-14 hours a day? They rise with the sun and the job is never done. And with 2.2 million farmers in America alone, that’s a lot of people working very hard! It also takes a lot of tools and equipment. So why not go electric and get an electric farm vehicle to help? The Xtreme Green Xforce Pro UTV specialty electric vehicle might be just what you need to supplement or even replace some of your equipment. It’s quieter so as not to disturb farm animals, won’t contaminate your crops with fumes or particles, and will even save you money—for every $1,000 you would spend in gas, you only spend $10 to run the Xforce Pro. More money for seeds!

So what can the Xforce do on the farm? A lot.

You can customize the vehicle to include a dump bed, making hauling around and dumping dirt or hay with ease. Ditch your handcart and use the Xforce to transport feed, building supplies, firewood, topsoil, plants, seed, fertilizer, tools—whatever! And with a hitch on the vehicle, you can add a trailer because the Xforce can haul up to a couple thousand pounds. Even just driving the Xforce around can help to til the soil.

Even just for transport, the Xforce is easy to navigate and can handle rough terrain with an independent suspension to give it a stronger, tighter turn to get from one end of your farm to the other, so you can survey crops, build and fix fences, or transport workers. And if you need to get to the farmer’s market to sell the fruits (and vegetables) of your hard work, the Xforce can be registered in most states to go on city streets.

With the savings in cost, eco-friendly, and USA-made, the Xforce is a great choice to help you with all your farming needs.


The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update is personal electric vehicle news that highlights the trends and market in a handy round-up. You can read the last post here.


The Future is Electric

More and more nations are pledging to go entirely electric between 2030 and 2040. Nigeria is the latest country to join the pledge alongside the UK, Germany, France, and India. India’s Minister of State for Power and Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal has said of the pledge, “the air will be cleaner and will be an end-to-end solution to address the issues of climate change.” Read the full story here and here.


Electric as Company Policy

There is a rise in companies switching to all electric vehicles. In fact, in the UK, 100+ companies have joined a Go Ultra Low campaign, “a joint government and car industry campaign to encourage even more drivers to switch to electric.” Companies pledge to agree to make at least 5% of their fleet electric by 2020 (and some even pledge to take it to 10%). Read the full story here.


The Rise of Steel

The growth of the electric vehicle industry also boosts the growth of another industry: Steel. To keep vehicle prices down, more and more vehicles might turn to steel for manufacturing. “Tata’s research indicates that electric vehicles will drive an increase of 4.2m tons a year in demand for steel in Europe between 2015 and 2050 to almost 22.5m tons a year.” Read the full story here.


Prices Going Down

One of the biggest concerns consumers have when it comes to electric vehicles is the cost. With a brand like Tesla dominating the marketplace (and a hefty price to go with it), more affordable options are coming out, like GM’s new $5,000 vehicle. This little car, the Baojun E100, “can travel around 100 miles on a single charge and can store extra energy from the regenerative braking system.” Read the full story here.


The use of personal electric vehicles or electric “rideables” are on the rise. Look around any major city, and you might spot a skateboard rider that isn’t even touching the ground. That’s because it’s likely electric. With the rise in traffic and a want to be eco-friendlier as well as reducing commuting costs, it’s no wonder people are looking to go electric for personal commuting and alternative forms of transportation more than just with electric cars.

At Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles, we’ve been long talking about the benefits of our vehicles can be to a variety of industries, like law enforcement, fire, security, agriculture and mining and beyond, but did you ever think about how it might benefit you just for everyday use? Our XForce vehicle can be registered as a low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) at a max speed of 25 mph and can go on any city streets (but no highways) and can be registered in most states. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply hop on your XForce for local commuting to the office, trips to the supermarket, swinging by to see friends, or heading to the local movie theater?

Better yet, maybe you could make your XForce work double duty. Perhaps you could use an XForce to help you get your work done on your local farm; but, then on weekends, you could use it to drive you and your produce to the farmer’s market to sell. Or maybe your homeowners’ association needs a vehicle for its security to patrol at night. Wouldn’t it be nice for your members to be able to check it out during the day to get around town for quick errands? Or if you really are work focused, you could use it to transport workers over construction or mining sites, but then use it to go from one location to another.

It might be time to rethink what electric vehicles can do for you—and maybe help to replace using your car!


At Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles, we think going electric is a no brainer when it comes to savings. You’re saving the planet by going green! And while some might suspect electric vehicles might cost more, they’d be wrong. Very wrong. In fact, what you save in gas cost alone more than makes up for the cost of each vehicle.

Basically, there are two areas of big savings when you purchase a specialty electric vehicle from Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles. The first area of savings as we mentioned is in gas or fuel costs. We have determined that for every $1,000 worth of gas at an average of $3 per gallon, it would take less than $10 to run our vehicle the same range.  That means if you spend $4,000 per year on gas for say, a security vehicle for a parking lot, you would only have to use less than $80 worth of electric power. That’s a 5,000% savings!

The second is the maintenance savings. With 70% less parts than a gas vehicle, no water systems, no oil systems, no exhaust systems, there is little maintenance to be done other that watching your tires and brakes. Even still, you can expect the average maintenance cost per year for one of our ATVs or UTVs is $50 and The Sentinel vehicle has no basic maintenance cost.

Still not satisfied? Our vehicles come with a full one-year warranty bumper to bumper and two years on the batteries (this excludes wear items unless there is a manufacturer defect and any damage caused by accidents). And with vehicles going up to 80 miles on one charge and last 2,000-3,000 charges, the longer you use your vehicle the more you’ll save.

So save some green—in both cost and for the planet’s sake—and go electric with your personal electric vehicle and an Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle.


We’re proud to say that our specialty electric vehicles are a smart and helpful choice for a variety of industries. From mining to law enforcement and everything in between, there is an Xtreme Green electric vehicle in place, helping to make work more efficient, while still being cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

The versatility of each of our vehicles is what makes them a logical choice. We’ve already highlighted a few of the industries that currently do or could benefit from our vehicles, and why for you to read about. We’re talking about:

  • Fire/EMS
  • Police
  • Security
  • Airports/Harborports
  • Farming
  • Parks
  • Construction
  • HOAs
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Any much more

Whatever your vehicle or transportation needs, there is an ATV, UTV, or PMV solution in one of our vehicles.


After a 30-year career in law enforcement, Wally Kodba retired from the Mishawaka Police Department. in Mishawaka, IN. Wally’s time here included being chief, a member of the metro undercover narcotics and vice unit, advanced training in homicide, arson investigations, certified firearms trainer, and polygraph examiner, just to highlight a few. He also graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA. Upon retirement in 2005, he and his wife moved to Las Vegas to escape the cold winters of the Midwest. Not being able to just sit idle, Wally worked for US Security Associates before coming to Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles.

Q: What were you doing before you came to XGEV?

A: The past 11 years I was the branch manager for (USSA) US Security Associates Inc.. managing over 18000 hours per week. It’s the 4th largest Security Guard company in the world. In addition to the Las Vegas office, I managed the office in Reno, NV. During the first 8 years with USSA, my area of responsibility also included Salt Lake City Utah along with the southern part of Arizona as well. I managed 300 officers and support staff with an annual budget of over 10 million.

Q: Why did you come to XGEV?

A: I came to XGEV to be part of something big. I was very excited to be able to sell a product that I had used and believed in. I like the fact that the vehicles are made in the USA, and that factory is right here in Las Vegas, NV. I also felt like I could provide a certain level of expertise in the Law Enforcement and Security Arenas that would enhance the sales department.

Q: What is your favorite part about XGEV?

A: The daily opportunities I get in Business Development, building relationships and telling everyone that our vehicles are built right here in North Las Vegas, NV.

Q: What is something your coworkers may not know about you?

A: I have been married for 39 years with three adult children and 7 grandkids. I owned and operated my own Landscaping, Fertilization, and Lawn Service Company, and sold that to start my own Security Guard company, all while working my full-time job in the police department.

Q: What do you love about living and working in Las Vegas?

A: The sun, blue skies, and the unlimited opportunities.

Q: Where do you always take out of town visitors?

A: I love to take them on the Strip to seek out the “Wheel of Fortune” slot machines. Then taking them off the strip to the many restaurants to show them there is life with good food that is reasonably priced off the strip.


The mining industry is booming, with opportunities to look for better and more sustainable initiatives to help this important (and sometimes dangerous) field. Electric vehicles are poised to help the mining industry in big ways.

First of all, diesel vehicles give off particulate matter which has been cited by the CDC as cancer causing. Because mining happens in enclosed, often small spaces, it can be dangerous for use gas-powered vehicles to assist in mining, versus our Xtreme Green Electric eVhicles, which give off zero particulates.

There’s also much better cost savings. The largest expense for a mining company is the air systems. This system supplies fresh air as well as works on the reduction of particulate matter and heat. In contrast to diesel vehicles, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles give off no particulate matter or heat, which reduces the use of the costly air systems. Another cost saving is that with 70%fewers parts, this dramatically reduced maintenance costs (and actually increases the life expectancy of the vehicle). It also costs less than $0.01 per mile, and with no carbon foot print, you can feel good about emissions savings, too. You can eliminate monthly cost in both ways for your site. Durable and flexible, they can last all day, too going 40-80 miles on just one charge.

The other advantage is Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles’ ability to handle tough terrains. With the right tires, it’s not problem for ATVs or UTVs to handle rocky or gravely paths. If you’re looking to maneuver in tight spaces, the PMV is ideal for this (and still has storage space for all your supplies).

Another great thing is that each vehicle can be designed for its ideal use. UTVs are perfect for this. You could add another row of seats which would enable six people to ride comfortable to a mining site. The other advantage is a flat bed dump, which can haul loads of mining materials or debris.


*Image courtesy of Sebastian Pilcher via Unsplash 


We often get a lot of questions around where our electric vehicles can go. Can I drive them on the street? Along forest trails? Over sand? Up steep hills? On different kinds of terrain? The great thing is that our electric vehicles can go pretty much anywhere when equipped correctly.

The first big thing is street legality. The XForce UTVs can be built to be low-speed electric vehicles (LSEV) which must be governed to 25 mph. These vehicles can go on city streets and can be registered in most states. Most states require specialty electric vehicle registration and they are never allowed on highways. This is great for a variety of industries. For example, if there is an HOA that it for maintenance. It’s also great for construction workers that might have sites near each other, but are still separated by a street that they’ll need to run back and forth from. It’s also great for any sort of security that has street areas they’ll need to cover for patrolling.

The other big thing to make sure your electric vehicle can go where it likes is the appropriate tires. This applies to the ATV and UTV, which are the vehicles that can be used for many different options. For road use, like we just talked about, you’ll want to be sure to get your vehicle fitted with radial tires. If you’re planning on using your vehicle for off-roading, you’ll want to use knobby tires. This is especially important for any sort of military use, or for Rangers.  For grass, gravel, dirt trails and paths of this kind, turf tires are your best fit. This is great for farmers, hunters, or EMTs working in stadiums or other challenging terrains.

Whatever your use, now you’ll be ready to take your vehicle anywhere!