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XGEV vehicles operate with nearly 75% fewer parts than internal combustion engines.

XGEV vehicles cost less than 1¢ per mile to run.

XGEV vehicles use less than $20 in electricity for every $1,000 it would have cost for gas or diesel fuel.


Welcome to Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles, a pioneer and industry leader in 100% electric specialty vehicles. XGEV is on a steep growth curve, providing vehicles throughout the U.S. and in dozens of countries around the globe. That is allowing us to expand exclusive territory distributorship opportunities with right-fit individuals in key markets. Below is some initial information that may pique your interest.

Since our founding in 2007, XGEV has been ahead of the curve with its innovative vehicles, all manufactured in our facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Electric vehicles are the present and the future. We are capitalizing on that opportunity and delighting customers with green products that literally save them money.

Compared to gas or diesel units, XGEV vehicles have greatly reduced maintenance and operating costs, with $20 in electricity powering our vehicle versus a similar combustion engine vehicle that would have consumed $1,000 in fuel. Buyers understand this simple proposition: 100% electric vehicles will save them money.




At XGEV, we understand that our success is directly related to the success of our vehicle distributor partners. Here are a few of the benefits that separate our vehicles from the competition:


  • Offers our distributor partners a higher gross margin (up to 22%).
  • You don’t have to carry inventory other than 3-4 demo vehicles.
  • XGEVs have become the vehicle of choice for police, security, military, mining and farming organizations (offering you a built-in customer base).
  • The XGEV Police Mobility Vehicle (PMV) is certified for European shipping.


  • Immense Fuel Savings: If the average ATV were used 50 miles per day, the annual savings would be nearly $3,820. This equates to a half-cent per mile cost for the XGEV ATV.
  • XGEV vehicles are easily rechargeable with a generator or standard 110- or 220-volt outlet.
  • XGEV has the widest selection of electric sustainable vehicles in the world, allowing you to take advantage of the green revolution while giving the customer a vehicle equivalent to a gas/diesel vehicle.
  • XGEV’s lithium iron phosphate battery can be expected to last 7-10 years before replacement is required.


  • We offer a range of customizable specialty electric vehicles to meet customers' needs.
  • Our team has over 50 years of experience working on electric vehicles.
  • Regardless of scale of request, we offer personalize service whether a customer needs one XGEV UTV, or a fleet of PMVs.

BENEFIT: Distributors are not required to carry any inventory besides the demo vehicles they use to ensure sales success.

XGEV provides significant marketing/public relations support at the corporate level, including product brochures, print and online advertising with national trade groups, and participation in regional and national trade shows and conventions. These events create pipelines of sales opportunities. In addition, XGEV is expanding its digital presence through and social media channels. Expect and look for an enlarged awareness of the XGEV brand.

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