Electric Farm Vehicle

Did you know that more than half of farmers report working 10-14 hours a day? They rise with the sun and the job is never done. And with 2.2 million farmers in America alone, that’s a lot of people working very hard! It also takes a lot of tools and equipment. So why not go electric and get an electric farm vehicle to help? The Xtreme Green Xforce Pro UTV specialty electric vehicle might be just what you need to supplement or even replace some of your equipment. It’s quieter so as not to disturb farm animals, won’t contaminate your crops with fumes or particles, and will even save you money—for every $1,000 you would spend in gas, you only spend $10 to run the Xforce Pro. More money for seeds!

So what can the Xforce do on the farm? A lot.

You can customize the vehicle to include a dump bed, making hauling around and dumping dirt or hay with ease. Ditch your handcart and use the Xforce to transport feed, building supplies, firewood, topsoil, plants, seed, fertilizer, tools—whatever! And with a hitch on the vehicle, you can add a trailer because the Xforce can haul up to a couple thousand pounds. Even just driving the Xforce around can help to til the soil.

Even just for transport, the Xforce is easy to navigate and can handle rough terrain with an independent suspension to give it a stronger, tighter turn to get from one end of your farm to the other, so you can survey crops, build and fix fences, or transport workers. And if you need to get to the farmer’s market to sell the fruits (and vegetables) of your hard work, the Xforce can be registered in most states to go on city streets.

With the savings in cost, eco-friendly, and USA-made, the Xforce is a great choice to help you with all your farming needs.

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  1. Brian says:

    We are looking at a 2014 vehicle on Craigslist for sale Xtreme Green UTV 4×4, dumping bed, 2500 miles 5 kW 72 volt. Do you still support this model and can we get parts if needed? What would a comparable model cost new? Do you have any distributers?


    1. Xtreme Green says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for your interest! If you email sales@xgev.com, they will be able to answer all of these questions. Many thanks!

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