Electric Vehicles Usher in the Future of Agriculture

Did you know that the industrial and commercial electric vehicles account for 60% of the electric vehicle market? A big chunk of that is due to advancements in farming and agriculture. The need for increases in efficiency and productivity in this industry is why so many farmers are turning to electric vehicles for help. Welcome to the future of agriculture, led by the use of electric vehicles.

Not only do electric vehicles help with the actual work, but the efficiency in operating costs end up saving more money than want it would cost to operate gas-powered vehicles. For example, the Xtreme Green XForce Pro, which is a great vehicle for agriculture, takes $10 to run for every $1,000 you would spend on gas. With the rising cost of farm labor, an electric vehicle can go a long way.

The XForce Pro is great for customization, too. It’s a great option if you need a dump bed to haul around equipment, tools, hay, plants, or whatever you need to run a farm. The 7’ dump bed version comes with a built-in electric hydraulic lift and removable sides to use as a flatbed. Alternatively, it can come with up to six seats to get workers to more remote parts of the farm. And it works as long as the farming day, lasting 50-80 miles on one charge, depending on the terrain. And speaking of terrain, the XForce can handle even the toughest grounds. And with zero emissions and the quietest electric vehicle on the market, you won’t worry about contaminating crops or creating noise and scaring animals or disturbing anyone.

Electric vehicles have come to revolutionize agriculture. They make financial and efficient sense and are strong and practical. It’s time agriculture became a completely carbon-free business to continue to nourish us, and our planet.

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  1. Brian Horne says:

    Where in southern Oregon on a 300-acre ranch and are looking for an electric vehicle. Will you have any trade shows or maybe a dealer or somebody you sold to who be willing to let us do a test drive?

    1. Xtreme Green says:

      That’s great! Email sales@xgev.com and they will be able to help you. Thanks for your interest!

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