Little Cities: Transportation and Management of Business Campuses

We live in a new age of business. Technology companies, movie studios, and other big companies operate like little cities. They have cafeterias or more often a few options for places to eat, gyms or even basketball and tennis courts and pools, daycare, and many more buildings for their hundreds or even thousands of employees to work, along with other rooms for classes, meditation, napping, you name it. With so much ground to cover and upkeep and security needed to ensure these campuses run smoothly, an Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle is the perfect solution to fulfill a hybrid of needs. And since our vehicles can go anywhere from 40-80 miles on just one charge and only take 1.5-3.5 hours to fully charge, everyone can use them when they need to. You’ll save on cost for gas, too as electric vehicles cost less $0.01 per mile and with 75% fewer parts, there’s virtually no maintenance so your teams can spend their time managing the property, not their vehicles.

A major concern of managing so much ground is security. An ATV is great if for some reason you need to handle tough terrain, or UTVs are good if you need to transport a lot of people, but probably the most effective vehicle for security to be able to patrol in this particular environment is the PMV. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the PMV can not only cruise on flat surfaces but jump curbs as high as 6 inches. There’s also still storage, so you can have a place for all your heavy equipment, enabling you to move faster—especially considering speeds go up to 29 MPH.

Another great use is for maintenance teams to keep these business campuses looking beautiful and running smoothly. XGEV UTVs are great for maintenance because they can be outfitted with flatbeds for hauling around tools or greenery. They also come with a few seats so teams can ride together to get the job done.

And if campuses are really big, using an XGEV to get around is a great option for people to hop on a vehicle and visit another department in another building. This can increase productivity, giving time back to employees where they would walk or be reluctant to go if they had to bike. And if your buildings are across the street from each other? No problem. The XForce UTVs can be built to be low-speed electric vehicles (LSEV) and can go on city streets and be registered in most states.

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