Electric UTV at Scheels

Retailer Spotlight: SCHEELS

You’ve probably heard by now that we’ve partnered with SCHEELS where customers can now test drive and purchase Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles in their Springfield, IL store. SCHEELS, a sporting goods store based in Fargo North Dakota with 27 stores nationwide, first heard about XGEV thanks to Store Leader Jason Mack. He was looking for a new vehicle for hunting and found us.

“I owned a lead acid battery vehicle and was looking for something that used lithium batteries for a longer range and less maintenance, so I started to research and came across Xtreme Green,” says Jason. “I took a trip to the factory in Las Vegas, test drove them, and saw how they made all their vehicles.”

Jason was looking for an electric vehicle because gas-powered ones would scare the animals off the property when he was hunting. This is especially important as hunters are often all around their property setting up game cameras, putting in food plots, and doing hunting stand maintenance. An XGEV can be left at a hunting cabin for months unplugged versus a lead acid battery powered vehicle, which would need to be constantly plugged in, filling the batteries with water, kept clean, and there would be a lot of corrosion sometimes leading to the battery cables getting eaten through. Plus, Jason liked the power and range for hunting in the mountains. He hunts big game in Montana and uses it there and in Illinois for whitetail and turkey hunting.

Jason remarked, “When I test drove it, power was the one thing that stood out the most. I could tell it was a well-built machine.”

There were many more things that Jason liked, including:

  • Longer battery life
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Lithium batteries so no need for a trickle charger
  • More leg room
  • More power, beefier suspension, and faster
  • 4-wheel drive and front/rear differential lock

Jason said lead acid battery vehicles have to be plugged into a trickle charger and are difficult to keep them in the store for people to test drive because they always have to be plugged in and near an outlet. With XGEV, they can park it in a display and not worry about them or the maintenance. Customers can come in whenever they want and test drive them, no problem.

“XGEV has been very easy to work with. They were able to make multiple changes to make the machine to be ready to sell in a large retailer like ourselves. They have worked hard to get us any training needed and quickly address any issues that may arise. They seem to be further along in utilizing the lithium batteries and their battery management system than other competitors. It was difficult for me to find this type of vehicle and wanted to try to make them more accessible for customers as they are a great machine.”

It’s a great fit for XGEV to partner with SCHEELS who is on the forefront of the sporting goods industry and help add to their massive selection of products.

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