Take a Tour of the All New XGEV Factory

We’ve recently moved down the street in North Las Vegas from our 50,000 square foot factory to our all-new, 125,000 square foot factory. The move will help us meet the growing need for our superior personal electric vehicles and do more in-house at our factory. Take a look at what we’re up to in our new home.

Our computerized dynamometer tests every vehicle before it goes out, ensuring every vehicle is in perfect working order.


Our brand new power coater and baker means we can now do all our vehicle painting in-house. This new equipment is state of the art and actually uses electric magnetism to coat evenly.



Our assembly lines ensure efficiency and excellence. It takes four days to make a vehicle, with each station taking a whole day, ensuring quality every time.


Our plasma HD cutters are able to cut out all the pieces of metal we need for our vehicles.


We have six welding stations up and running that are building 20 vehicles at a time, with the space for 18 total.


The new factory is so big that we need our own vehicles to get around!


This station allows us to bend the metal rods to build our chassis.


Sneak peak of a new vehicle.


And of course, we have space for our sales and administration teams.


With our new space, we’re going to be able to make many more of our USA-made vehicles to meet the growing demand.

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