The 2018 Citadel ATV is Here!

We’ve been working hard over here at Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles and are excited to announce that it’s here: The 2018 Citadel ATV model! For this new model, we’ve made improvements on the ATV, including taking advantage of new technology for our most advanced ATV yet. Made in America, our all-new, heavy-duty chassis is manufactured in our Las Vegas Factory, making it one of our toughest vehicles. The 2018 Citadel ATV has all new electronics including, but not limited to, the motor, controller, Battery Management System (BMS), and instrument panel, which are all proprietary designs made in the United States.

New features of the 2018 Citadel ATV include a new instrument panel with more information including a second page that gives diagnostics for the vehicle. These diagnostics include cell levels, temperature, and software fault indicators. This model is available in both 72V and 96V systems and includes all new power steering on all models. Rear differential with locking ability provides for ease of driving both off road and on concrete or hard surfaces.

As with all our vehicles, the 110/220V charger is built in for easy charging whether you are off road and use a generator or with any electrical socket. The 2018 Citadel ATV is a great choice for the military, police, security, agriculture, and hunting, or whatever your needs.

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    Is there a retailer for the 2018 Citadel ATV located in South Carolina? I would be interested in test driving this ATV, but I can’t find information on where to see or buy this ATV. Can you provide the estimated cost of this ATV? Thank you.

    1. Xtreme Green says:

      Hi Michael! Please send an email at and they will be able to answer all your questions. Many thanks for your interest!

  2. mike says:

    Is this available to the public and where are the dealers.

    1. Xtreme Green says:

      Hey Mike! If you email with your location, they can tell you if there is a dealer near you. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Kyle Farmer says:

    Do you have any dealers in California yet?

    1. Xtreme Green says:

      Thanks for your interest! If you email they can tell you where your nearest distributor is located.

  4. reid carson says:

    dealers near me and cost ..thank you….i am near Duluth M.n 55609

    1. Xtreme Green says:

      Thanks for your interest! Please email for answers to your questions!

  5. Randy Johnson says:

    What the price and where is a dealer?
    Also what’s available in dealerships?

    Randy Johnson

    1. Xtreme Green says:

      Hey Randy! Thanks for your interest! Email and they will be able to answer all your questions 🙂

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