The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update

The Electric Specialty Vehicle Update is a quarterly round-up of all the important news related to personal electric vehicles. Get your industry news fix and see the trends in this handy round-up.


More States Supporting Electric

More and more states are supporting the use of electric vehicles through policy, whether through policy, infrastructure, or monetary breaks. Massachusetts is set to receive $75 million dollars from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund and plan to use it “to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and invest the balance of the funds in fully-electric transit and school buses.” The plan is to have more charging stations to encourage more cars on the road. New Jersey is also looking to get more electric vehicles on the road, with big goals they hope to meet mostly by updating their charging infrastructure. And California “proposed a $2.5 billion initiative that will bring 250,000 vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations to the state by 2025.” Read the full stories here, here, and here.


Increase in Range

There is something called “range anxiety” among electric vehicle owners. It’s the fear that they won’t be able to get where they need to go on a charge and/or that there won’t be enough places to charge (which is why so many states and countries are trying to increase their charging stations). There are new developments in batteries to also add mileage to each charge and “The Department of Energy reports that the median EV range in the US has risen from 73 miles to 114 miles since 2011 (with a top range now exceeding 330 miles).” Read the full story here.


The Rise of Alternative Electric Vehicles

There are much more kinds of electric vehicles out there except for cars (which, of course, we know here at Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle!). Attitudes are changing for personal electric vehicle use as they “afford Baby Boomers easy access to bicycle trails, trips, and tours. At the same, these vehicles also attract Millennials who are using them for commuting and social enjoyment.” Additionally, electric buses are the latest electric vehicle push with “the total number of electric buses servicing the public will more than triple by 2025,” with China dominating those numbers. Read the full stories here and here.

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