The Great Electric Outdoors

Spring is just about here! As the temperatures start to rise and we’re itching to get outside and into the great outdoors, why not make some of your adventures electric?

An Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle can be used for work, whether police officers use them for patrolling or farmers use them for hauling, but they can also be used for a little fun. Take your electric vehicle through forests, out into fields, or along back road paths and be at ease, knowing your vehicle can handle it. The Citadel Pro ATV is the ultimate outdoor machine. It is powerful enough to handle tough terrains (with a climbing capacity of up to 30-degree grade) and can go up to 45 miles per hour and 40-60 miles on one charge.

The Citadel Pro ATV has even been known to be used for hunting. How? Because it’s incredibly quiet—10 dbs quieter than the average ATV. And it’s not only a great option to reduce noise pollution, but actual pollution—XGEV have zero admissions.

Can’t you just picture yourself, cruising along in your XGEV electric ATV, whipping down dirt roads and into fields and forests? Use your electric vehicle for both work AND play…or just play. We won’t tell.

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