The Xtreme Spotlight: IT Director Michael Polak

Michael Polak has over 15 years of experience in the IT Industry. He is skilled in a diverse array of enterprise software, hardware, systems implementation, architecture design, and IT management experience, with a proven talent for quickly acquiring expertise in new technologies. Michael started his career at a very early age and started his own IT company at the age of 20. He recently came from VMware where he worked with enterprise customers as a strategic trusted advisor. Michael has a proven record of leadership, reliability, and multiple achievements from dedication to his field. He brings a vast knowledge of IT to Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles and will provide the steps to a continued successful future for the company.


How long have you been at XGEV and how did you come to work here? 

I was an IT Consultant for XGEV since 2009. I have seen the incredible growth and the evolution of XGEV vehicles reaching new heights. XGEV recently hired me as the new IT Director and I promptly accepted since I already felt part of the XGEV family. Now, I’m looking forward to the next stage and taking our technology to new heights.


Why did you decide to come to XGEV?

Electric Vehicles have been gaining popularity and from a technology standpoint, has ongoing technological advancements. I wanted to be part of the evolving changes and look forward to contributing new ideas that will allow electric vehicles to go new places.


What do you like about living in Las Vegas?

Just like in IT, I love the constant change that Las Vegas brings. Also, where else can you get a great steak at 3 am?


What are you looking most forward to when it comes to XGEV in 2018?

2018 is an exciting time for our company. I am looking forward to moving into our new 125 thousand square foot factory. It’s also an exciting time for continued advancements in technology and applying those to our vehicles.


What’s your favorite place to have lunch near the factory?

We have a great Thai place, Siam Garden, close by with a secret spice level of 6-15. I usually go for 7.


What’s something your coworkers probably don’t know about you?

My coworkers do not know that I love to go fishing. I love taking a day or two and leaving all the tech I work with alone for short time.


What do you like about Xtreme Green vehicles? 

Simplicity is what I love about our vehicles. XGEV vehicles are easy to learn, charge, and even fix. With so many things becoming more complex, we have maintained a vehicle with all the features, yet simple for our customers.

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