Trade Show Tales: ISC West Security Show

Last month we headed over to the ISC West Security Show, the largest US security event featuring the latest products, training, and networking. There were 30,000+ security professionals who attended or exhibited at this year’s event and Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles was there as an exhibitor, showcasing our vehicles and the latest advancements we’ve made to assist security professionals. XGEV offers physical security service providers vehicle alternatives to replace typical foot patrol coverage and the use of highway vehicles that are costly in both maintenance and fuel consumption. Many of the vehicles offered by XGEV also enable the patrol officers to navigate areas that standard automobiles are unable to access while being a more powerful alternative to bicycles. All of our vehicles can be upfitted to accommodate various security needs, too. With a show all about advancement and technology, it was the perfect place for XGEV.

With this growing and important industry, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles continues to develop and provide effective, efficient, and economical options for perimeter and campus security patrol needs. As global security needs continue to accelerate, the ability to provide improved physical patrol options is paramount to the efficiency and effectiveness of security providers.

XGEV Vice President Joseph Worrell was there to answer questions about XGEV and also learn about the latest technological advances in the security industry.

“I was interested to learn that economical options have been developed that provide the ability to globally track the location and movements of a single patrol vehicle using a small device installed on the vehicle and a smartphone app,” says Worrell. “There’s no need to purchase expensive software programs as in the past.”

At XGEV, we’re proud to be part of the technological advancement in the security industry. Hope to see you at the next ISC show!

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