Tradeshow Tales: IACP in Philadelphia

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles are great for a variety of industries and uses to bring efficiency, power, and savings. One of our most popular buyers is law enforcement agencies because of the speed and capability of our vehicles to suit all their needs. Which is why we made an appearance at the premier law enforcement trade show, the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Senior VP of Sales Mike Healy tells us more about the show.

“IACP 2017 in Philadelphia proved successful for Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles. Over 170 qualified leads were obtained during the 3-day event. The show featured predominantly technology-driven law enforcement solutions. This proved positive for Xtreme Green as our vehicles garnered a large spotlight. Notably absent this year was T3 Motion and Segway.

T3 recently filed for bankruptcy protection and has temporarily closed its doors during reorganization. Many current users stopped by our booth as concerns for parts and customer support with their T3 machines have them considering the Sentinel.

Segway has readjusted its market focus and is concentrating on the consumer business. Marketing budgets for law enforcement and security have been allocated to ensure success in the consumer segment.

This bodes well for Xtreme Green as our Sentinel vehicles are already popular for law enforcement agencies and our prominence at the show should help us to see an increase in inquiries.

The UTV and ATV also had successful exposure as law enforcement use these vehicles, too. Not all law enforcement agencies have the same needs, but we have a vehicle for all of them.

Law enforcement entities on the East Coast were interested in the UTV as it offers protection during the seasons and the electric propulsion system enables departments to comply with new legislation that seems to be passing in most states mandating the use of electric vehicles.

Florida and the Southwest are hotbeds for the ATV. Law enforcement personnel visiting the show cited its command presence and low emissions as reasons for purchase. We cited our success in Tempe AZ., as a reference for interested purchasers.

IACP 2017 should translate in to 20 vehicle sales over the next 6 months. Home Depot, has already purchased two for a beta test. An effective team effort has translated in to a positive show!”

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