Electric UTV at Scheels

Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles XFORCE PRO Series – To Showcase at SCHEELS-Springfield Annual Hunting Expo

Las Vegas, Nevada — Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles (XGEV), the premier manufacturer of 100 percent electric specialty vehicles, will showcase its high-performance utility-terrain and all-terrain electric vehicles to the hunting and outdoor sports world, at SCHEELS Hunting Expo. The three-day expo will take place Friday, Aug. 24 – Sunday, Aug. 26, at SCHEELS-Springfield, located at 3801 S. MacArthur Blvd., Springfield, Illinois-Second Floor Hunting Shops, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Named the XFORCE PRO UTV and CITADEL PRO ATV, each Xtreme Green Electric Vehicle offers powerful utility and extreme versatility with four-wheel drive performance for terrain sports, recreational sports and hunting enthusiasts.

XGEV Electric 3 Seat UTVThe 2019XFORCE PRO 3 and six-seat UTV’s give riders the capability to maneuver through the toughest roads, hills and terrain quietly making hunting easier in every possible way. The gold standard of environmentally green, The XFORCE PRO series have zero emissions, and yet all the power and ability of gasoline engines, without the particulate or noise pollution and no carbon footprint.

Reliable and powerful, the 2019 CITADEL ATV PRO is capable of speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and offers a range of approximately 40-60 miles on a single charge. With instant power, and no internal combustible engine, and virtually no heat signal, the 2019 Citadel ATV PRO is designed to quietly handle the toughest hunting and off-road conditions with no carbon footprint.XGEV Electric ATV Pro

XGEV President and COO, Neil S. Roth, will be on hand at the Hunting Expo on Aug. 24–25 for demonstrations and test drive offers and giveaways. “XGEV vehicles are not only comfortable, dependable and electric, they also make for a fun and adventurous drive, said Roth. “Bringing together XGEV with the Midwest’s leading recreational, outdoor and sports retailer will deliver a truly exciting experience for hunting enthusiasts, along with offering an exceptional vehicle for the country’s growing number of electric specialty vehicle owners.” For more information on the XFORCE PRO UTV and CITADEL ATV PRO at the Hunting Expo, click here.

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About Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles

Founded in 2007, Xtreme Green Electric Vehicles is the first company in the world to manufacture a full line of zero-emission lithium ion iron phosphate battery-powered specialty vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs and Police Mobility Vehicles. Each XGEV has the power and ability of vehicles with internal combustion engines, without the pollution, noise, heat or carbon footprint. The gold standard of green products, XGEVs are manufactured in the USA, in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, visit xgev.com/SCHEELS.


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Electric UTV at Scheels
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